February 10, 2016

Building Diverse Organizations

Yesterday, Cohort Q in collaboration with Women's MBA Association, Net Impact, and Latin American MBA Association, held a panel to discuss diversity in the workplace. 

Three leaders from diverse backgrounds discussed topics such as:

  • Diversity vs. Inclusion 
  • Affinity Groups 
  • Unconscious Bias 
  • Hiring for diversity 
  • Mentorship

Pictured Below: 
Yvonne Garcia, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Client Solutions and PMO of the Investment Manager Services group for State Street Corporation.  
Tony Wieczorek - Engineering Manager at Localytics
Janet Kang, Senior Associate in M&A at PwC

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February 6, 2016

Students of Questrom: MSMS Edition

Frank Lin
Masters of Science in Management Studies '16

My parents emigrated from Taiwan and finally settled in the city of Bangkok, Thailand, where I was born and raised. I grew up with my parents, three siblings and our dog named Melon. Growing up, I studied at a Thai-Chinese International School where I learned to speak English and developed my interests in science and technology. Afterwards, I studied Mechanical Engineering to pursue my interests in automobiles and design.

Why you chose BU?
Questrom is one of the first schools in the entire nation to base an entire program on experiential learning. The opportunity to solve real business problems for a range of companies, from startups like The Paint Bar to Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, was what really attracted me. The diverse background of students that I am exposed to at BU made it an even easier decision to get my Master's degree here.

What are you involved in at BU?
Thanks to nomination by my classmates, I got involved in the Questrom Graduate Council as the MSMS Representative. The council has opened many doors for me to network with people outside of the MSMS Program, such as MBA students and professors. Also, as a member of the Leadership and Organization Transformation (LOT) Club, I had the exceptional opportunity to attend the HRPI Awards last Fall, where I had the chance to network with the best CHROs in the world today and witnessed Tracy Keough, CHRO of HP Inc, receive an award.

What do you love about Questrom?
Easily the people. The Questrom community is filled with motivated and supportive people that continuously push me to get out of my comfort zone. Throughout the MSMS program, I feel that the faculty genuinely cares about our success. They do not simply act as teachers of Finance or Marketing, but as mentors that guide us to become better business people.

Favorite memory?
Crossing the 10k Tough Mudder finish line with my fellow MSMS friends!

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January 25, 2016

Sunday Funday

This past weekend Sports & Social club held a Yoga fundraiser at Shawmut yoga studio to get centered before a big football day! #namaste #questromlife

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January 22, 2016

Ethics Across Questrom

"Business ethics is at the core of the Questrom School.  It is our Mission to 'prepare innovative and ethical leaders who understand the impact of business on society and create value for the world.'"

Last week the second year full-time MBA students experienced a week long Ethics intensive. During this course, they not only learned the fundamentals of ethical decision making, but met with CEO's of local organizations and worked on a Social Change Project that would have a sustainable impact for the community. The biggest take away of the week: You can make a difference in a short period of time if you put you mind to it! 

Some examples of Social Change Projects: 
  • "Practice Mindfulness"- teaching students & faculty to be present 
  • "From Surviving to Thriving" - support refugees who have been victims of trauma or torture to get the resources they need to restart their lives 
  • "Burn Calories, Not Electricity"- campaign to show how making small changes can impact your health and sustainability 

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January 6, 2016

Students of Questrom: Full Time MS-MBA Edition

Name Nathan Levy, MS Information Systems, MBA 2016

I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ where I lived with my parents and two younger sisters. Afterwards, I headed for the rocky mountains where I earned my bachelor's degree in international business from the University of Denver. Most recently, prior to coming to Questrom, I served as an acquisitions manager for a privately held investment company which specializes in venture capital and real estate. 

Why you chose BU? Many business schools have the same feel. Most of their students are looking to get jobs in the consulting or finance field after graduation. Although I was aiming for a job in one of those two industries as well, I did not want to be surrounded solely by other people just like me. Questrom provided me a business school option where I could meet students with different professional interests other than mine. Now I am great friends with people who are going into the health sector community, public and non profit community, tech community, and many more. Networking is more robust at Questrom whether you are interacting with your peers or the faculty. Also, Boston is a great city to live in. 

What are you involved in at BU? Both years on the Questrom Graduate Council, the student government organization, and most recently as the elected president of the graduate student body. Last year, Cohort Cup champion as a part of cohort C. I played in the MBA Soccer World Cup with our travel soccer team and am a teammate on about five intramural sports teams each year. I also serve on the student advisory board for the full time MBA program, serve on a non-profit board for BU onboard, and attend club events hosted by Questrom clubs. I also played a minor acting role in a recent BU commercial, which is the start of my undeniable path to fame and fortune in front of the camera. 

Why do you love it here? The aforementioned diverse community that Questrom offers has been an amazing opportunity to meet people from all over the world and from a wide spectrum of industries. The support I receive from peers, faculty, and administration give me great confidence graduating from Boston University. Never have I been bored at BU, always have I been challenged, and the friends that I gained over the last year and a half I will have forever. 

Favorite memory? Drinking champagne from the Cohort Cup champion's trophy. 

To view more student profiles click here 
To set up a meeting with a current student email connect@bu.edu.

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December 3, 2015

Racing to the Top

With Module 2 Finals coming to an end, first year (full-time) MBA's are getting ready to take on the Strategy Simulation Challenge aka "StratSim". "StratSim" is a simulation of the automobile industry, where each Cohort is divided into two parallel industries, made up of five firms. Over a series of ten decision periods ("years"), each team will have to integrate the skills and knowledge from their Mod2 Finance, Operations, and Marketing classes in order to build a successful company and beat out the competition. In real terms, you get graded to play video games with three of your friends for a week :) 
Cohort C Celebrating the end of the first semester! (2014)

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November 20, 2015

A Prescription for Better Healthcare

A few weeks ago, a team of MBA students kicked off the third annual Health and Life Sciences Conference at Questrom School of Business to discuss “A Prescription for Better Healthcare”.  This year focused on the provision of high-value services to patients across the continuum of healthcare.   The event sold out with just under 300 attendees and featured 40 speakers throughout the day.

It was a great opportunity for students to gain insight from industry leaders like the President of Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Peter Slavin, and President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Andrew Dreyfus.  The event was also full of networking opportunities with company sponsors, breakout panels to discuss topics like healthcare quality, and a lightning round featuring early-stage companies to highlight their healthcare innovations.  
The event is completely student driven and a great way for Questrom students to engage in the healthcare community.  We’re excited what is in store for the HLSC in years to come.

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