March 24, 2017

Follow @QuestromGrad on Instagram!

^We are traveling the world. Frequently.

I'm sounding the alarm, folks. We need to build the @QuestromGrad Instagram account into a social media juggernaut. I'm talking Kardashian levels of inexplicable popularity. And it starts with YOU. Yes, the person reading this. Actually, in fact, you. I made it exceptionally easy by tossing a picture up top for you to not only ogle, but to also interact with by smashing the "Follow" button on the top right of the picture. If you're interested in the comings and goings of the Questrom Graduate community, this is the Instagram account for you. We may even throw up a cute puppy/kitten picture to pander to our fledgling audience, but that's more of a "break in case of emergency" type of thing.

*Point* --> "Follow" --> *Click* --> Thanks!

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