March 29, 2010

The Beginning of Lasts

[Posted by Ioli Stathi-Dedaki, MBA in General Management Class of 2010]

In less than 7 weeks the Class of 2010 will walk. And even though Commencement has long been on our Academic Calendars, we, Second Years Students, are unaware. A combination of hectic schedules and denial has caused the “seniors” to not realize that this two-year program is quickly coming to its end. We are officially in the “beginning of lasts” period.

If you open my agenda, you will find an April full of last events - Cheers with Professors, Spring Gala, Celebration Brunch, Student Farewell to Dean Lataif, Talent Show – along with presentations, papers, interviews, and final exams. I have no time to think how quickly two years became two months.

Two years ago I was in my small country - Greece, working for Kraft Foods, getting ready - with a hint of fear – to move to Boston and be part of BU’s MBA program: a life-changing experience far away from home, family and friends. As it turns out, I had no idea what was to come and the reality at BU exceeded my expectations.

There are many unique ways that this program has changed me; but I will mention only one here: my classmates. The ones who helped me learn; who guided me and supported me; who taught me from their prior knowledge. The ones with whom I spent hours working on projects and studying for exams. The people who shared with me this experience and will walk by me on May 14th. My friends.

In this program, I found people from different cultures, speaking different languages; people of all ages; with spouses and kids. People who got married or became parents during the program. From different industries and backgrounds. With unique interests. Passionate and determined to achieve their goals and dreams. I found diversity, but most importantly I found people who were understanding and supportive. My classmates, with whom not only I worked hard, but also I had all the fun in the world.

Now, two years after, I am getting ready once again to move away from home, family and friends. You see, Boston became my home and the people here, family. In less than 7 weeks, the life of 155 MBA students is about to change and I can ensure you that in this bright future we won’t forget the past.

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