April 27, 2010

[Posted by Alicia May, MS·MBA in General Management, Class of 2011]

Bookmark and ShareI figured after first semester I could take on anything, so I decided that in addition to overloading on coursework that I would also train for the Boston Marathon. Training for a marathon is like a part time job, so on top of school priorities, team meetings and managing to have a little fun, 2nd semester has been very busy. For those of you who aren't from Boston, "Marathon Monday" is Patriots Day and all the surrounding schools have the day off. The marathon course runs right past several colleges: Wellesley at mile 13, Boston College at mile 20, and Boston University at mile 24. I may be a little bias, but comparing all the cheering sections, Boston University had an awesome turn out this year! As I approached Kenmore Square, I was looking for all my classmates that came to cheer me on and felt so lucky because I REALLY needed it at that point! I finished the marathon and celebrated with my friends and family. Now that the marathon is over and classes are winding down I am going to have to find another hobby to occupy my time....it looks like it might be sailing lessons over the summer. Gosh, I love this city.

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