October 4, 2010

Health Sector Management Program (HSMP) in Action!

Michelle He
MS.MBA in Health Sector Management
Class of 2011
Health Services Management Association, BioBusiness Club, MBA Ambassador

Health Sector Management Program (HSMP) in Action!

First of all, a new student club MBAid was established by a group of Cohort D students from last year after making a fantastic trip to Guatemala volunteering at a local clinic. This year, MBAid is organizing an even bigger event inviting both first and second year students from all cohorts to join. Check out MBAid website to see photos from last trip and read the blog! Secondly, with increasing number of MD/MBA students joining the program, great effort is taken to integrate the health sector MBA program with the student community and programs at Medical School. In collaboration with its Medicine & Business Association, the first event was taken place at Boston Medical Center, where the CEO of BMC gave a talk followed by an interesting dialogue among medical students reflecting the challenge and need of bridging the gap between medicine and business. A variety of social events are also being organized and getting on people’s calendar. Last Friday, a HSMP welcome party was successfully held at Andrea(HSMP Executive-in-Residence)’s beautiful house in Cambridge. Although it was a chilly Friday evening after the rainy week, everyone was instantly warmed up by delicious Indian food and had a great time!

Building on past years’ tradition and success, a few more exciting events are in planning to connect members opportunities to reach out to alumnus, local professional organizations and potential employers: Learn @ Lunch brings speakers to campus to help students learn more about what a day-to-day activities look like for them, what challenges they have and what they learned from their experiences; Speed Networking brings both first year and second year students together to increase their interactions and bounce off great ideas; Health Sector West Coast Trek is scheduled to happen in the Spring when students get to check out hospitals and bio/pharma companies in Cali.

As for me, after rolling out the HSMP student mentoring program, I’m moving on to start planning the Young Alumni Panel for the coming month. That’ll be a great opportunity for students to hear recent HSMP graduates’ experiences and insights, and for alumnus to get a chance to meet with current students and revisit the campus. It should be a great event and as I am writing this line, I realize that I am almost running late for the planning meeting – gotta go now but stay tuned for more!

About the author:

Michelle He is a second-year full time MBA student with a concentration in Health Sector Management. She is also pursuing an MS degree in Information Systems. Prior to MBA, she worked at CITGO petroleum corporation in Chicago, where she was responsible for managing a variety of projects to ensure successful implementation from inception to completion. Michelle misses the beautiful city of Chicago, but she starts to appreciate the change of seasons in the Northeast and the unique characteristics of Boston architecture. In her spare time, besides shopping Michelle likes watching movies with friends, power walking along Charles river, and exploring different cuisines in Boston.

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