February 16, 2011

The beginning of the end…

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Michelle He
MS.MBA in Health Sector Management
Class of 2011

The beginning of the end…
So it begins here with another busy semester. Besides taking six classes, part-time internship, and juggling between student clubs, I’m also the Teaching Assistant for a core MBA class. It’s my first and probably the last time being a TA. As I recall TAs in all kinds of classes I took in my undergraduate and graduate school, good ones can really make a difference in students’ learning expereince and I certainly hope I can too.
For classes I’m taking this semester, I am fulfilling my MS degree requirements with three Information Systems electives. Two of the three are healthcare related which are very applicable to my post-MBA career field. Negotiations is a must take at BU, and I’m sure that the take-away from this class will be helpful to me both personally and professionally for a long time. For clubs, Health Services Management Association(HSMA) and BioBusinss Organization(BBO) continue to deliver concrete results: a group of students have just returned from the West Coast Trek, where they visited various healthcare organizations ranging from hospitals to pharmaceutical companies and spoke with executives; we are getting busy planning the Spring Alumni Panel event, a platform which we aim to connect current students with alumnus and to encourage conversations on wonderful ideas and inspirations; HSMA is also planning to integrate a charitable event with the club’s mission and the MS Walk will be the first one in action in this Spring.
Yes it all begins here as I started the last semester of my MBA program with a mix of emotions. Knowing where I will be after the graduation is a big relief and starting a new career in just a few months is definitely exciting, but at the same time, I have a hard time picturing the end of my student life. All passed by too fast: the tears, the joy, tough decisions I had to make on jobs, on personal relationships… But when looking back, I know that I’ve become wiser and stronger, and that I understand more of who I am and what I want. To me, this is the best beginning of the end.
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Michelle He is a second-year full time MBA student with a concentration in Health Sector Management. She is also pursuing an MS degree in Information Systems. Prior to MBA, she worked at CITGO petroleum corporation in Chicago, where she was responsible for managing a variety of projects to ensure successful implementation from inception to completion. Michelle misses the beautiful city of Chicago, but she starts to appreciate the change of seasons in the Northeast and the unique characteristics of Boston architecture. In her spare time, besides shopping Michelle likes watching movies with friends, power walking along Charles river, and exploring different cuisines in Boston.

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