January 12, 2012

The Cohort Cup

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Akshay Shah
MS-MBA Candidate, 2012

With all the time students spend on classwork, it can be easy to forget that you're allowed to have a little fun, too. Between classes and the Integrated Project, there's the Cohort Cup to help you meet your friends, meet new people, and unwind. The Cohort Cup is a competition between the cohorts, started by Dean Nolan in the mid-2000s. We hold various events throughout the year, such as:

- Cheers with Professors, where you can meet your professors outside the classroom at Cornwall's -- the local bar for BU MBA students
- Karaoke night
- Trivia night
- Basketball and soccer tournaments
- Pum
pkin carving contest and Halloween party
- March madness brackets
- Art show
- Talent contest

Each event is an opportunity for you to meet your fellow classmates and earn points based on attendance and performance (if applicable). The first objective is to get people out and mingling, letting people get to know each other outside the context of school. The second objective is that by having events that require preparation, such as the sporting events or talent, people who normally wouldn't work together can do so towards a common goal. It is before and during these events that clubs form, relationships are forged, and memories are made. Though it can get pretty competitive at times (we are, after all, MBA students), I've found that attending Cohort Cup events is a great way to get to know your classmates both within your cohort and outside it. It helps that we provide free drinks and appetizers at some of the events. As if the camaraderie, drinks, food, and competition weren't enough, the winning cohort gets a huge party thrown for them at the end of the year to celebrate, with food, drinks, and T-shirts commemorating the win!

Of course, the Cohort Cup events aren't the only social events for you to enjoy. The various student clubs hold Thirsty Thursdays at nearby bars, if you're looking for a little more variety. The Graduate Student Council also holds formal galas at the end of each semester. You're also free to organize something with your new-found friends, as well. And finally, you can always stop by Cornwall's. There are usually a few MBAs hanging out there at any time, "practicing" for the next event.

Akshay Shah is a 2nd year MS-MBA concentrating in Strategy & Business Analysis. He is on the Cohort Cup Committee, on the Graduate Student Council, and an Admissions Ambassador. Follow @aushah on Twitter.

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