February 16, 2012

The Family Business

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Jordan Shulz, MBA 2012

While it has been a fun and wild ride, business school has turned out to be the perfect opportunity to have a baby.  The more open schedule afforded by being a student has allowed our family of (now) three to spend extra day time together that would otherwise not likely happen.  While there are times of studying that are interrupted by our lovely little daughter's needs, there are also times where we study together and play together (see pictures).  My wife and I have enjoyed the process of learning to be parents and balancing family time with her part-time work schedule and my school schedule.  As others in the BU MBA program have also had children before or since enrolling in the program, we have shared many stories together as well as the delight of the experience that only parents know.  Here's to higher education as a family value!

Jordan is a 2nd year MBA candidate focusing on Entrepreneurship and Real Estate.  He is interested in mentoring and community impact through his work.  When not studying or working he can be found bicycling around Boston or with his wife, playing with their 4 month old daughter.
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