June 11, 2012

Welcome from Graduate Student Council President, Sonal Dhingra

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Sonal Dhingra
MS-MBA/PNP, 2013
Pictured from left to right: Sonal Dhingra (GSC President 2012-2013), Gail Justino-Miller (Director, Graduate Programs Office and GSC Advisor), Carl Palme (GSC President 2011-2012)

I’m not sure how long I can hang on to this “first-year” moniker, but I am going to try to keep it for as long as possible.  This first year of business school has flown by and it has been a blast!  From the galas to the team meetings, from IP to finals – this year has been challenging and amazing.  But seeing the class of 2012 graduate made me realize that it is all going by way too fast.  

What made this year so great were not only all these new experiences but also all the new friends I have made here - from all programs, classes and cohorts.  As the 1st year representative on council for Cohort C this year, I had the unique opportunity to be the voice of my peers, but also to bring us all together.  Often people come to business school and think the secret to success is learning how to calculate NPV or understanding marginal cost.  But I’ll tell you the real secret: it’s having friends who are willing to give up their time to teach you how to calculate NPV when you don’t understand or explain marginal cost to you so you can do well on your midterm.   This place is about more than building your network; it is about being a part of a community where you gain friends that will last well beyond your time here. 

I am glad to have gotten the chance to know the class of 2012, and while I am sad to see them go, I am excited for the new adventures in store for the centennial class of 2013.  This coming year will be filled with some old events, like boat cruise (which is on Saturday, September 15, 2012 by the way), Link Day in February and the traditional Thirsty Thursdays, but also new events like the Health Care Case Competition in October and even more great speakers for the Dean’s Speaker Series starting in September.  Council will also be focused on increasing events with alumni, collaborations amongst clubs and increased connections, both internal and external, to increase opportunities for our students.   

Summer is here now, and while we’re off at our internships right now, we are all also looking forward to returning to SMG in the fall to meet the class of 2014.  Welcome to the family - we can’t wait to make some great memories with you.  See you all in August and get ready for an amazing time – we hope that it all doesn’t go by too fast! 

PS: Be sure to check out the council website and facebook page for info on events, clubs and BU GSM happenings.

Sonal Dhingra
Graduate Student Council President
2012 – 2013 
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