November 1, 2012

Investment Club Off To A Fast Start!

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Masato Muso
MBA 2013

Interested in Investment Management? Boston University’s MBA Investment Club has been actively engaged in investment discussions and activities this year.

The Investment Club has started a stock simulation using and will run it throughout the school year. The stock simulation currently has over 40 players and rankings are placed based on the current market value of their portfolios. The simulation is similar to a typical e-brokerage account website and allows participants to research and buy stocks. The simulation includes 1st year MBAs, 2nd year MBAs, and MS Math/Finance students, as well as BU Alumni. Students start with $100,000 of virtual money that they can put to work to practice their investment strategies and enhance their investment knowledge in an educational environment. The club will reward the students whose portfolio values rank in the top three at the end of November 2012, February 2013, and April 2013 with a small gift. Currently, the top three portfolios have values of $113,437, $105,700, and $105,546.


In addition to the stock simulation, the club managed the MBA Investment Fund, which is a real portfolio with real money. The fund provides an opportunity for students to take on stock analyst roles, provide stock research for stock picks in their respective industries, and discuss stock pitches in front of club membership. As a club, we will evaluate the portfolio and decide as a group to take a position in a particular stock presented by the stock analyst. The fund provides us with a real opportunity and real experience for students who want to build their resume and relevant investment experiences. We hope to provide a place for student to develop their investment skills and philosophies during their time here at Boston University, and are always looking for new ways to accomplish this goal.

If you are interested in learning more about the MBA Investment Club, please visit our website at

Masato Muso is a 2nd year General MBA concentrating in Marketing.  He is a Los Angeles native and worked in political campaigns, education, and in management consulting before coming to Boston.  As a financially conscious individual, he has been an active value investor for the past several years, and is working towards investment certifications.  As President of the club, he hopes to foster an open environment to explore your “investor identity” and provide opportunities to hone your investor approach, tactics, and philosophy.
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