February 9, 2013

New Social Media Marketing Course Goes Viral

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Sara Hines
MS-MBA 2013

When I started my MBA, I definitely did not expect that video production skills would be a key asset. But I recently completed what is the third video project in my MBA career.  The assignment this time around was for the inaugural offering of a new marketing elective, MK845: Social Media Marketing and Social Influence. The course was offered as a January intensive in two sections (due do overwhelming demand) and taught by Professors Barbara Bickart (@BABickart) and Nicole Ames (@TwistIMC).

Professor Bickart explained that the course was designed as a marketing elective that aligns well with the new sector focus of SMG (digital technology in this case). She says, “I was actually surprised by the high demand for the course! I knew that there was interest in Social Media Marketing, but never expected that we would fill two sections. Part of the demand was driven by the topic and a feeling that an understanding of social media marketing would benefit students in their marketing career. In addition, students like the intensive format and MS students were allowed to use this as an elective in their program.”

During the week-long intensive we did live cases for area businesses seeking advice and inspiration for social media strategies, in addition to reading cases and a number of papers on topics like virality, user-generated content, and storytelling. But the big project was partnering with the Alumni Relations office to develop a video campaign for one of two initiatives aimed at re-engaging alumni. Teams chose to work on a) a memory-gathering project in celebration of SMG’s upcoming Centennial or b) volunteer opportunities for alumni. We had to make a video and develop a distribution strategy in hopes of making it go “viral”. In addition, each team provided larger strategy recommendations to the Alumni office for thinking about social media engagement going forward.

The YouTube views continued to climb over the ten-day testing period, and one team’s opus even got picked up by a local media outlet!

As content marketing continues to be a big buzzword in management circles, you may want to try your hand at some iMovie editing, or (legally) download Adobe Premier and cut a few short vids. Get comfortable in front of and behind your iPhone camera, because you’re likely to come across some need for video production-be it for a case competition application, marketing program prototype, or even a viral video assignment.

And keep an eye out for the next offering of MK845. 
You're sure to it.

Sara Hines is President of the MBA Marketing Club.

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