December 5, 2013

12 Days of Finals

On the first day of finals, my GSC gave to me...

Finals period: there is no escape! Every school has one, but at Boston University SMG, we take it in stride.

In the midst of a blitz of final papers, presentations and exams, our sense of community comes out in full force.

We're led by Graduate Student Council President, Patrick Dewechter (he demos a BU-apparel Next Top Model walk-off with a fierce competitor in the first photo in this blog, photo credit to the fabulous Rachel (this post's final photo))!
Yesterday at 5pm the GSC rang the doughnut alarm, and 12 dozen delicious donuts and boxes of doughnut holes magically appeared in the grad student lounge:

In the spirit, I challenged a few of my classmates to answer this question about their finals experience: "If how you are feeling about finals right now was a type of candy, what type of candy would it be and why?"

"Sour Patch Kids - starts out sour but it ends up sweet!" -James

"I've got a different kind of finals period - all projects, no exams - so I'd be an Airhead: it's hard, but a different kind of hard!" -Emily

"I'd be Starbursts: I've got a little of all the colors flying around in my head!" - Raul

"Nerds: a combination of feeling studious, all over the place, but still contained!" - Kristen (me) 

"A bag of York Peppermint Patties (in Christmas colors), because that's what's going to get me through finals!" - Rachel (left)

"A Tootsie Pop: because you just need to get through it to the center!" -Cate

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Kristen is a 2nd year in Boston University's General MBA program. This summer, Kristen conducted a health promotion assessment for IBM employees through IBM's Global Summer Internship program. Professionally, she is interested in strategic human resource management, corporate responsibility and women's leadership development. In her free time, she serves on the Board of Directors for Girls' LEAP, a Boston-based nonprofit, cycles and practices yoga.

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