January 6, 2016

Students of Questrom: Full Time MS-MBA Edition

Name Nathan Levy, MS Information Systems, MBA 2016

I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ where I lived with my parents and two younger sisters. Afterwards, I headed for the rocky mountains where I earned my bachelor's degree in international business from the University of Denver. Most recently, prior to coming to Questrom, I served as an acquisitions manager for a privately held investment company which specializes in venture capital and real estate. 

Why did you chose BU? Many business schools have the same feel. Most of their students are looking to get jobs in the consulting or finance field after graduation. Although I was aiming for a job in one of those two industries as well, I did not want to be surrounded solely by other people just like me. Questrom provided me a business school option where I could meet students with different professional interests other than mine. Now I am great friends with people who are going into the health sector community, public and non profit community, tech community, and many more. Networking is more robust at Questrom whether you are interacting with your peers or the faculty. Also, Boston is a great city to live in. 

What are you involved in at BU? Both years on the Questrom Graduate Council, the student government organization, and most recently as the elected president of the graduate student body. Last year, Cohort Cup champion as a part of cohort C. I played in the MBA Soccer World Cup with our travel soccer team and am a teammate on about five intramural sports teams each year. I also serve on the student advisory board for the full time MBA program, serve on a non-profit board for BU onboard, and attend club events hosted by Questrom clubs. I also played a minor acting role in a recent BU commercial, which is the start of my undeniable path to fame and fortune in front of the camera. 

Why do you love it here? The aforementioned diverse community that Questrom offers has been an amazing opportunity to meet people from all over the world and from a wide spectrum of industries. The support I receive from peers, faculty, and administration give me great confidence graduating from Boston University. Never have I been bored at BU, always have I been challenged, and the friends that I gained over the last year and a half I will have forever. 

Favorite memory? Drinking champagne from the Cohort Cup champion's trophy. 

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