September 26, 2011

And we’re off!!!

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Carl Palme
MS-MBA Candidate, 2012
President, Graduate Student Council

The rest of the graduate student body is back in the School of Management and things seem to be in full swing. We have had class for two weeks, and already so much has happened. For starters, we are getting to meet all the new students, who are great! A team of second years has already won a global case competition. And, we have gone on a boat cruise with 300 other students and significant others.

As president of the Graduate Student Body Council, I could not be happier. It is the priority of the student council to maximize the student experience and so far we have done just that. Over the summer we were busy organizing the boat cruise, revamping our newsletter, and working with club presidents on helping them get the year started. We also launched a new website!!!

The council is elected in the spring by the graduate student body, and has representation from many of the programs such as Public Nonprofit, Health Sector Management, and MS-MBA. The Graduate Student Council also represents the students and works as a liaison between the student body, the University and the community. Click here to meet the current council members!

Next Time: How to use technology to your MBA advantage.

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