September 21, 2011

Welcome from a Math Finance Student

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Taylor Marge
MSMF candidate 2013

I’m excited to be writing my first blog post. My name is Taylor Marge. I am a first year student in the Mathematical Finance program at Boston University. I am from Rhode Island and went to the University of Rhode Island as an undergraduate. My hometown is only about an hour south of Boston. Living so close I have been to the city many times although since moving here I have become much more acclimated to traveling around the city. Growing up in the area I am a longtime fan of all Boston sports. It’s nice to see many of my classmates joining me in rooting for Boston.

The program started just a few weeks ago and already the work is picking up. Although I have spent many hours solving homework problems I have also had time to explore the city and the university as well. Outside of the classroom our class has spent a lot of time together in both formal and informal events. The Graduate Programs Office started the semester with an orientation which included an introduction to the program, an introduction to Bloomberg and a manners workshop which taught business etiquette. The orientation also included at trip down to the Boston waterfront where we were all able to socialize and get to know each other. Since then many of us have gone out together on our own. In addition to exploring the city my classmates have gotten together to do many activities ranging from studying to playing soccer and going to the gym.

In addition to the rigor of the program an advantage of the Math Finance program at Boston University is the Feld Career Center. We have received both group and one on one advising on topics such as networking, resume writing and writing a cover letter. The Feld Career Center offers the Math Finance program a dedicated advisor to prepare us to find an internship and subsequently a career.

I am looking forward to getting to know math, finance, my classmates and the city better in the coming months. Hopefully this will culminate in both an internship and an interesting and fun career.

Wish me luck!


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