April 12, 2012

Attending an Open House

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Neil Yajnik
MS-MBA, 2013

Current and admitted students at the Thursday night reception

One of the first things a BU MBA is taught in Organizational Behavior is that one must continuously reflect on events that have taken place. Whether it is in school, at work, or in our personal lives, evaluation of our past choices is vital to our growth as both professionals and people.

Amidst the present chaos of team meetings, projects, and papers, I can’t help but stop and think back on where I was exactly a year ago. Instead of fretting over finals and internships, I was faced with choosing the right school for my MBA, and it wasn’t until I attended BU’s Admitted Student Open House that the choice became clear.

The Open House is a great way to get an authentic feel for life at the School of Management. Over the course of twenty-four hours, prospective students have the chance to attend an information sessions about housing, moving to Boston, internship and job searches, concentrations, clubs, the transition back to student life, as well as participate in a mock class.

Admitted students interacting over lunch

The most valuable part of the Open House is the time spent interacting with current students. When I attended, I remember finding everyone to be very friendly, honest, and forthcoming. Having never lived on the East Coast and coming from California, I had a ton of questions about moving to Boston. Nearly everyone I spoke to offered me tips and tricks on how to make an easy transition. I also received key advice regarding financial aid, classes, and the many extracurricular opportunities. Lastly, I met many of the people who are now in my cohort, project teams, and who I count as some of my closest friends.

Prospective students are also invited to Thirsty Thursday, a weekly happy hour hosted by an on-campus club, to meet more of the student body and see real BU MBAs in the wild. Most of the activities and organizations I’m involved in now, I came to know about through the Open House. In fact, it was at Thirsty Thursday that I learned more about the MS-MBA program, which I eventually decided to switch into.

Thursday night admitted student reception at The Hawthorne

The Admitted Student Open House is really what cemented my decision to come to BU, and I haven’t looked back since. I highly encourage all who are considering BU to attend an Open House, schedule a coffee chat, or even visit on your own, and experience the unique culture and camaraderie that exists here.

Neil Yajnik is a first year MS-MBA. Prior to coming to BU, he worked at Cisco Systems as a hardware design engineer. Neil has served on the International Tech Strategy Case Competition Organizing Committee and is the MS-MBA Representative on the Graduate Student Council for 2012-2013.  Outside of school, Neil enjoys travel, basketball, golf, movies, and music.

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