April 19, 2012

The New Sport and Social Club

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Adam Miller
MBA, 2013

When I was applying to schools, I looked at the clubs each offered.  Every school had social clubs, Wine Clubs, Soccer Clubs, etc.  This was important to me, as I felt formalized ways to meet new people would help ease my transition as I moved halfway across the country.

I arrived at Boston University last year to a school that has many interesting clubs, from the Bio-Business Organization to the BU Partners Club, but I saw an opportunity to start a social club.  BU has the Cohort Cup, which does a nice job of putting on trivia nights and karaoke events to bring the whole school together.  However, I aspired to start a club uniting people with similar social interests, like wine, soccer, or something else.  Several of my classmates and I decided this was a gap we wanted to fill.  In the first year, you very quickly get split up into cohorts and often find a smaller group of friends within that cohort.  Amidst all the school work,  it is important to get to know all the wonderful people you go to school with, especially because they will be our network as we move forward in life. 

My goal in starting the SMG Sport and Social Club was to bring people together more frequently and in smaller, more intimate groups where they can bond over shared passions.  Whereas the Cohort Cup takes care of macro events, we look at socializing on a micro level.  If six people want to get together every month and go climbing at the rock wall in the gym or ten people want to try different places to eat around the city every Friday night, they can use the club to find others to go with.  The group serves as a hub of information, a facilitator of paperwork that comes along with throwing an event, and a way to mingle beyond your initial friend group. 

The IM Broomball Team

Even though we are a new club, we held several events already this year.  For example, we created an Intramural Broomball team and went candlepin bowling.  The leadership team has also been working on understanding how this club can fit into the BU community.  It operates differently from many of the other clubs, so learning how to run it and getting people to understand who we are have taken some time.  We are getting closer on the first part, but still have a ways to go on establishing our brand going into next year.  Thankfully we’re up for these management challenges! 

First year Adam Taylor during a candlepin bowling event

We believe very strongly that this club will strengthen our community at the School of Management.  We appreciate being a part of a school that is open to new ideas, encourages the students try different things, and enables them to start new clubs.  We will do our best not to disappoint.  If anything written here has resonated with you, please look us up next year.  We would love to have you on board.    

Adam Miller is a first year Health Sector Management student.  Prior to coming to Boston University, Adam worked in Chicago in the advertising business.  Adam enjoys traveling, playing broomball, hanging out with his girlfriend and friends, and watching sports. 


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