May 10, 2012

Advice to the Class of 2014 from the Graduating Graduate Assistants

2011-2012 Grad Assistants, top row (L to R): Shawn, Kira, Carl; bottom row (L to R): Meg, Maya (Recruitment Administrator), Anya
To close out the 2011-2012 academic year, we asked all of the Graduate Assistants who work in Admissions to offer their advice to the incoming class of MBA students.  You'll find many common themes in the advice they offer --- take it to heart, it's true!

Everyone tells you this, but the next two years are going to fly by.  Here's some free advice: learn to take risks, don't be afraid of making mistakes, go to your professors' office hours (they can help you network with BU alumni), and have FUN!  By the way, Cohort Cup events are wonderful opportunities to mingle with your entire class and make great memories!

My advice is to take advantage of everything that BU has to offer.  Participate in as many Case Competitions as you can.  Get involved with Club Leadership.  Go to all the Speaker Series Events.  Attend the Social Outings and meet as many people as you can.  Accomplishing all of this may seem daunting, but you won't regret it.  You will have plenty of time to sleep in the future!

You should definitely enjoy your time during the MBA as best as you can because it is over way too fast. Pick the classes you are interested in and not just the ones that fit into your concentration, it's more about your individual curriculum. And don't forget the MBA is not just about classes, it's also about extra-curricular activities. So join different clubs and be engaged, because you can learn so much from the people around you that you could miss in the classroom. Take advantage of all the great things BU has to offer.

Invest in relationships with your fellow classmates, professors, and SMG staff.  At the end of two years, those will be what you really cherish and carry with you.  Also invest in really figuring out what you want in a career.  This is the time to explore what is out there with minimal consequences so that you can get a job you are really passionate about at the end of your time here.  

My advice is to enjoy your time here.  Explore areas you have been curious about but never tried.  Go see New England and what Boston has to offer.  It is a 2 year break from work where you have a chance to totally redirect your life.  Enjoy every second and stay in the moment.  It goes by too fast.

My advice is the most important thing you can do is manage your time well. Aside from managing your time, be sure to use your resources which include but are not limited to professors, TAs, and classmates. Good luck. 

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