May 7, 2012

A glimpse into life as a second semester MSMF student

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Taylor Marge
MSMF, 2013

According to the MSMF class of 2012, the most challenging semester of the program is the second semester. So far they have been proven correct. Although this semester has been challenging, we have all learned a lot and had some fun along the way. In the MSMF Program, the normal course load (four classes) is the same every semester. There is, however, an additional and optional course offered during the second semester, Algorithmic Trading. This course is taught by Ahmad Namini, an alumnus of the program and Head of Analytics and Technology – Asia Credit Desk at Citibank Capital Markets. He was also a professor at the University of Miami (Florida) for 10 years. The class is an excellent opportunity to learn from a practitioner who also has experience as a professor. This balance of practical knowledge and teaching experience allows for an amazing learning environment in both a quantitative and qualitative context. 

Math Finance students at Jillians for bowling

 We have had interesting projects and assignments in the rest of our courses as well. Our C++ course is the least math finance intensive, mainly covering topics of object oriented programming but with some financial context as well. In our Fixed Income class we have studied in-depth interest rate models, their effect on the price of assets such as bonds, options on bonds, swaps and much more. The final assignment is a project in which students must calibrate a model to given market conditions. 

Of course there has been much more going on this semester than just our school work. Throughout the semester, students have been working with the Feld Career Center perfecting their resume, cover letter, and 30-second pitch in an effort to land their desired internship. When we are not preparing for our career, BU offers events from time to time to enjoy relaxing with each other in a non-academic environment. Some events that have been sponsored by the GPO include a pizza snack break at Uno’s (a pizzeria across the street from SMG), an alumni networking event where many alumni from the MSMF program came to talk about their experience both at the program and in the workplace following the program, and a bowling event right near Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox baseball team). These events are usually attended by everyone in the program and offer us some time to talk to each other without stochastic calculus and pending deadlines on our mind. 
Playing Pool

This semester has been challenging but has offered the opportunity to learn a great deal. Outside of school we have improved our resumes and knowledge of the industry, focused our career search, and have come together as a program.  

Taylor Marge is a first year Math Finance student with a background in engineering. He excels at summarizing articles for co-workers and remembering inconsequential information.

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