October 31, 2015

The MSMF Perspective

It’s November and just like that we are 2 months into the MSMF program. The program kicked off with an orientation aimed at readying the students for the semester ahead, culminating in an enjoyable duck boat tour of Boston and drinks at the popular Bleacher Bar which gave the new international students a first-hand look at Fenway Park.
Pictured: Boston Duck Tours
Pictured: Bleacher Bar on Fenway Park 

By Week 2, the start of classes and thus the semester was truly underway. The students take 4 classes per semester and each class follows a similar structure of fortnightly homework assignments, a midterm, and a final exam. Assignments have spanned from the deeply theoretical in Stochastic Methods to the vastly practical in C++ and Statistics.

Pictured: MSMF Class in Questrom Atrium

But of course school is not all about academics! Work-life balance is certainly important and the administrative MSMF staff at BU have been second to none in this area. Events ranging from a ping pong tournament, multiple socials at popular social establishments, a flag football tournament, an incredible evening boat cruise on the Spirit of Boston, and Thirsty Thursday’s at Cornwalls are just to name a few with many more to come! The mingling between the various graduate programs at Questrom provides a fantastic platform to make new friends and experience cultures and perspectives from all over the globe. One will never be bored or run out of new and exciting things to experience in a school and city as diverse and energetic as Questrom and Boston.

We now move into the second half of the fall semester, bringing along with it new coursework, those things we all love called finals, and the serenity of snow. Stay tuned and Happy Halloween!
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