October 7, 2015


'Wouldn't it be cool if there was such a company, that whenever it sells a pair of shoes, it gives a pair to children who are in need' - Blake Mycoskie, Chief Shoe Giver of Toms 

This Monday & Tuesday, Questrom Marketing Students were able to attend the DMA &THEN Conference. "&THEN brings analysts, artists, brand managers, strategists, copywriters, and CEOs together to share ideas and discuss proven ways to get results." [http://dma15.org/]

Blake Mycoskie started off Monday morning telling his story and vision to combine giving with business in order to make a real difference in people's lives around the world. Blake was just one of the many inspirational speakers that hit the main stage this week, along with big names like award-winning musician and entrepreneur, John Legend. #andthen15 #QuestromLife

Photo Credit: Alyssa Moskowitz

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