March 15, 2016

Students of Questrom: Part-Time MBA Edition

Name: Lauren Murphy, Part-time Evening MBA, MBA 2016

Background? I was born in Boston but raised about 50 miles outside in Worcester, MA. I earned my bachelor's degree from Boston University in International Relations. Before coming to Questrom, I worked at a small non-profit in Boston whose mission focused on social entrepreneurship development in the Middle East and North Africa. I personally oversaw outreach and operations for conferences held on the ground in the region, which gave me the ability to travel to Morocco. Currently, I work in operations at the Boston University School of Medicine at the Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center, which is cutting edge research center that focuses on the effect of repetitive traumatic brain injury on athletes and veterans. 

Why did you choose BU? As a part-time student, I was looking for a program that gave part-time students the same opportunity and experiences as the full-time students. I knew getting your MBA was going to be a lot of work - especially while working a full-time job - so I was also looking for a supportive community both within the student body and the administration. I believe that I found all of that at BU. I don't feel that my education is watered down.  It is definitely a lot of work, but there is a strong community to support you as well. Part-time students are all embraced by the community and expected to participate in clubs and social events, which has only enhanced the overall experience.

What are you involved in at BU? I'm the VP of PEMBA Relations for the Graduate Student Council and I'm the PEMBA Rep for the LOT Club. I also try to participate as much as possible in events that other clubs are hosting and other events that happen on campus. 

What do you love about Questrom? I love most the people - the students and professors are amazing!

Favorite memory? Any Thursday at Cornwalls and my cohort's Annual Ski Trip, which is a tradition that we will continue long after we have graduated.

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