November 21, 2011


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Shawn Hay
MBA, 2012

Mid-way through November of my second year and I am back at full beard. My friends are calling it a cop-out, but I think it is clever. The issue: not wanting to give up the hard work I have put in to growing my mustache for #MOVEMBER, while still saving face (get it?) during my interviews. So using my problem solving skills from my MBA classes, I thought ahead and grew my beard stealthy with a few days head start on the mustache! Thus, come interview day the beard and stache blended, and I am back to the same old Shawn armed with my interview matrix (thank you career center), a top-notch set of newly polished management skills, and a secret mustache.

So here is the debate. Should you claim victory and confidence in your (un)manly new facial hair and boldly show those recruiters that you are indeed a strong individual who can support a good cause (aka a typical BU MBA), or do you play it safe and lose the ‘stache?

So far my peers seem to be a split vote, and depending on the type of interview, the desire for the company, and the boldness (aka, hair-growing talent) of the candidate, the winner is “keeping the stashe” by a hair (yeah, I just went there). I cannot proceed in this blog without giving mention to two of my peers (at least!) who have confidently walked in, brochure in hand, and pitched the successful campaign that Movember has brought to prostate cancer awareness (, and then absolutely crushed the interview. Hats off to Humberto and Carl, and whoever else has successfully done it!

As the 2nd annual BU MBA Movember rolls on, this year has been even more ‘stache-tastic than last. Previously, we raised nearly $2,500 with our BU group alone, and with the 1st year’s dedication I am positive we will surpass that record.

Bottom line: This is a great cause, the interviewers don’t seem to mind as long as you address the ‘stache, and it is a great bonding experience between the first and second years!

I hope this tradition continues long after I am gone, and when I am in a position to hire a BU alumni, your chances will be drastically improved if you are rockin’ the ‘stache.

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